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Welcome to Morris & Alexander Ltd

Morris & Alexander Ltd. is renowned for its original patented designs of the Morris® Chair Raisers and the Alexander® Chair Raisers.

We are an established leading supplier of furniture raisers and equipment which we design and manufacture in England.

Our reputation has been built on our customer satisfaction, speed of delivery and excellent safety record.


Our Raisers are designed to increase the height of your existing furniture to aid in a persons mobility eliminating the need for expensive purpose built furniture. They sit neatly under the furniture to be raised.

As safety is of paramount importance these raisers are securely attached to the furniture to ensure that the chair, bed or settee is completely stable.

This also allows for the furniture to be repositioned without fear of the raisers becoming dislodged.

They are made from high quality steel and finished in a satin black paint. They can be easily cleaned or sterilised for re-use and are extremely discreet in appearance.

All materials used in these products are recyclable.

If you require expert advice on furniture raising, or are unsure of which raiser to use, please contact us on 01328 855669 or email: and one of our technical staff will be happy to help.

Morris & Alexander - Chair, Bed and Settee Raising Specialists