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How To Claim VAT Exemption

If you are claiming VAT exemption please read the notes on this page carefully.

To enable you to claim VAT exemption, as the rules of HM Customs and Excise state, we are required to either obtain a VAT Exemption declaration which you can make during the online checkout process or the receipt of a VAT exemption form signed by yourself before we can dispatch your goods.

To find out if you are eligible for exemption, please refer to HM Customs Notice 701.7 which can be found here.

  • Internet Orders - How to claim VAT Exemption

During step 6 of the checkout process please select the relevant option which applies to you and then complete the requested information. An example of a VAT exemption declaration form you will see during the checkpout process is shown below.

















Telephone Orders - How to claim VAT Exemption

For anyone wishing to make a telephone order and who would like to claim VAT exemption you will need to complete and sign our VAT Exemption form and send it to us before we can despatch your order.

Our VAT Exemption form can be found here

Please mail this form to:

Morris and Alexander Ltd
Wymans Way
Fakenham Industrial Estate
NR21 8NT

Alternatively email a copy of your completed form to:

Your order will be despatched upon receipt of your payment and completed and signed form.