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Alexander Riser & Recliner Raisers

The New Alexander Universal Raiser MK 2 is capable of raising the majority of furniture available on the market today including: Armchairs, Recliners Chair's & Settees, Riser Recliners & Modern style furniture.

Please select from below the number of base frames you require and the assortment of cups needed to fit you chair (2 cups per frame).

Please note that a base frame alone cannot raise furniture, cups are required.

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Alexander Universal Furniture Raiser MK 2
The new Alexander Universal Raiser MK2 (Single Frame) is capable of raising the majorit..
Ex Tax: £23.03
Alexander Universal Furniture Raiser Mk2 (Recliner & Riser Recliner)
The Alexander Universal Furniture Raiser Mk2 ​fitted with the Recliner & Riser Recl..
Ex Tax: £75.09
Alexander Recliner & Riser Recliner Attachment
The Alexander Recliner & Riser Recliner Attachment is used in conjunction with..
Ex Tax: £8.50