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About Us

We are an established and leading supplier of furniture raising equipment which is designed and manufactured in England. Our reputation has been built on customer satisfaction, quality products, speed of delivery and an excellent safety record. We currently supply our products to most Social Service departments in the UK.

Our raisers are designed to increase the height of clients existing furniture, which aids mobility and eliminates the need for expensive purpose built furniture. They are constructed from high grade steel and coated in durable satin black paint.


Our prior and after sales support includes a Telephone Helpline, Online Contact Forms and downloadable documentation. This firstly enables you to make the correct product choice, and secondly enables us to fully support you following your purchase.


This is of paramount importance, which is why our products are designed to securely attach to furniture and become an integral part of it. This ensures that the chair, bed or settee becomes as stable as possible.


Due to their design, the raised furniture does not need to be placed against a wall in order to achieve stability. Also, the furniture can be easily moved to allow for cleaning under or relocated without fear of the raiser becoming detached.


All raisers are individually serial numbered so that in the unlikely event that a raiser needs to be checked, they can be easily traced.


Due to careful selection of materials and finishes, these raisers can be easily sterilised for reuse many times over. After a long service life the raisers can be fully recycled.


Raising the Standard

Morris and Alexander products are designed in the UK using the latest Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. With this software we can 3D model all component parts, sub assemblies and the finished product prior to production. This enables us to predict potential manufacturing problems long before any machining or assembly takes place. These CAD files are then transferred directly into machine software which in turn drives state of the art laser cutting and punching equipment. Using laser cutting technology ensures 100% repeatability and guarantees interchangeability of parts. Products are then packed in labeled transit cartons enabling them to be dispatched anywhere in the UK. Dispatches can be typically made within 48 hours, as all products, accessories, and spare parts are kept in stock at our large secure warehouse.